Run by our company accounting office provides full set of finances-accounting services, worked by qualified and energetic specialists.

Supervising over their’ work is done by auditors. We are doing every efforts to fix every problem which is a concern of our clients.

Accounting service is conducted in home office of our company or in the office of our Client. Our services served among others to legal status companies, health providing entities, and foundations.

Accounting books are kept using software ERP OPTIMA, created by COMARCH SA company.



We offer services in scope of conducting examination and revision of financial statements of different kind of entities. We are doing among others examination of balance sheet. We are making sure that every audit made by our company is not only fulfilling legislation obligations but most of others serve for making credibility of examined entity, increasing its worth as well as to delete not needed risk.

To recent our services served: companies of the legal status, health providing entities, institutes, schools as well as associations and foundations.

Examinations of financial statements are conducted by using software to examination of financial statements,
created by Sp. z o.o. (LTD).

Employees matters

Employees matters


We provide full set of services bound with employment and accountancy with ZUS (the State Insurance Office), Tax Office.
Our service encompass among others conducting and making:

  • personal cases,
  • contracts on work, civil-legal contracts,
  • pay-roll,
  • declaration to ZUS (the State Insurance Office), Tax Office, PFRON (the State Fund for Disabled),
  • reports to ZUS (the State Insurance Office), GUS (the Main Statistical Office).

Above that we represent Client in ZUS (we also contact and deal with controlling)

as well as we prepare forms updating information about Client.

Employees’ matters are done in home office of BBR Sp. z o.o. (LTD) as well as in office of the Client.

Accounting services

Accounting services

We provide services in scope of:

  • conducting book keeping
  • tax book of income and expenditure
  • accounting of projects co-financed from EU funds


We provide services for entities conducting activity in scope of: services, trade, transport (national and international), production as well as foundations and associations. In working of our services we are using software CDN OPTIMA of COMARCH SA company from Cracow.        .

Accounting services are done in home office  of our company or in the office of our Client.
Above that we represent Client in Tax Office (we also contact and deal with controlling) as well as we prepare forms updating information about client.




Virtual Office

Virtual Office

Making access to address for registration of home office of company is a solution which decreases costs bound with rent of the local,
equipment of the office as well as office employment:

In scope of virtual office except making access to the address to the registration of home office of the company:

  • We do checking of the post box,
  • We are collecting correspondence,
  • We inform about in-coming correspondence,
  • We send post to the indicated address by traditional post as well as via email,
  • We rent conference room for business meetings


Clients of Auditing Office


Examination of statements is one of the key services of our company.datev

We are in possesion of many years experience in examination of statements for many type of entities (legal status companies, associations and foundations, industrial companies, health services entities).

Examination of financial statements are done using software for examination of financial statements created by Sp. z o.o. (LTD).

Straight-right after signing contract with Client we are conducting preliminary examination. Its goal is to do consulting referring to book keeping and tax problems, informed by the Client.